Thursday, June 20, 2013


Dearest Karter,

My littlest son, it is again your birthday.  Your first and last 6th birthday to be exact.  I love and miss you so very much.  I know that you are being taken care by Judy, I know she's there with you today.  I believe she's playing with you as she did Momma and your  Uncles so long ago.  I'm sure you are celebrating with Lucy, Grandpas', and Grandmas' as well.  Don't worry, we would've made the biggest cake and had the best ice cream if you were here with us today.

I love and miss you.

Not a whole lot has changed since your last birthday.  We haven't moved, changed schools, or traveled very far.  Ok, maybe a bit has changed.  Your brothers are so TALL.  Momma needs to put bricks on their heads.  Dad and I think they are going to be very tall.  They are both so smart as I'm sure you would be too.  They obsess over video games but Momma does not  mind as long as their work is done.  Daddy is half the world away once more in our lives.  He's stayed safe, kept fairly busy, and is always talking to us.  I'm sure you are watching over him, thank you Karter.  We also have a new addition to our family her name is Daisy.  She's a beagle.  She is hyper as all get out but Momma loves her all the same.

We love and miss you.

Momma is doing ok.  I'm sure that you are watching over me as well.  Momma has been through a couple operations and diagnosed with a couple painful things.  I have done the best I can to just plain survive.  I'm still adjusting to this normal I must face.  Luckily, I was given a wonderful Son like you who has shown me how strong I can be.  Not everyday is perfect but I'm still living.  I doubt my strength sometimes,  then I remember that gift of strength you've given me.  Thank you Karter.

I love and miss you.

I thought about you from sun up until sundown and more.   I think about you everyday or am reminded of you.  Your Brothers talk about you often.  I think they think of you just as often.  Big Brother wishes you were here while Biggest Brother is away for the summer so he'd have someone to play with.  Well littlest son, it's that time.  The time I hate most and the time that brings tears to my eyes.  The time to tell you that I will talk to you next birthday.  Lucky number 7 next year.   I love you, we love you, keep watching over us.

Love you,