Friday, September 27, 2013

Good Morning, Jensen

Stressful morning?  Kids got ya going and you are screaming to get them into the grocery getter so that they may make it to school on time?  Well I have just the stress reliever for you and it isn't coffee, though, it may be taken with coffee...or any drink you prefer.

Dispense Daily as Needed for Stress Relief:

Other bloggers have affinities for certain celebs. Throat Punch's Tina Fey and YKIHAYHT's Johnny come to mind, I'm sure there are more like these ladies and myself. I've figured out after months of silence on the blogwaves that my celebricrush is that of Mr. Jensen Ackles.

If I wasn't such a geek maybe I'd never have came upon this modern day Adonis. Jensen is an actor in the TV series Supernatural on the CW.   Jensen plays Dean Winchester along side another worthy stress reliever Jared Padalecki, aka Sam Winchester.  Nearing 9 long years of stress relief in the form of man meat, amazing green eyes, eyelashes to make women jealous, so on and so forth. Stress relief, yes that's what I call it...tehee/schoolgirl giggles.
Jared and Jensen /swoon
Did I mention Jensen seems to have quite the sense of humor? I'm sure that when he reads this he'll giggle to himself...because like Throat Punch, I hope my celebricrush Is scouring blogs to find mention of him and will most definitely reply to me in the form of humor or song. This little outtake solidified the stress relief and full blown obsession. Check it out:

Still not convinced he's "the one?"  I'm not sure how else to convince you.  Maybe you need to marathon all seasons of Supernatural on Netflix this weekend.  Hurry though because Season 9 is fast approaching.
Seriously, how can you not deem this amazing? 

Ladies, gents, and in betweens...if you happen to run across Jensen tell him Too Smart needs him.  Ask him to drop me a line, send me a text, My Instagram, Tweet me (ok he doesn't have twitter), etc.  I'm hip, I'm cool...I have a son we can work out an arranged marriage between his Lil J.J. and My Smart boy.  In any event, I think it's time I stopped the writer's block.  Thanks Jensen, thanks for the stress relief.  Wink wink.  CREEPY...MAYBE?!

Jensen, call me maybe?

Ok Smarties, I'm out.  /swoon