Saturday, October 5, 2013

Too Smart for Her Own GOODS!

Dearest Smarties,

Since the beginning of the blog I've used this as an outlet to rant, rave, laugh, and distract.  Recently I discovered a new love.  I swear, rant, rave, sometimes laugh, and distract myself from my pain.  This new love is refinishing and/or refurbishing furniture pieces and various wooden items.

I had taken a very long break from writing.  A few health issues appeared so graciously and took over my life.  My mind was hostage to my illness.  Therefore throwing up the good ol writer's block.  Smarties, thanks for sticking around by following here and keeping the Facebook page liked.  I was and still am pretty darn active on Pinterest, it's mindless enough. Oh hey also you can find me on Instagram, a newer venture I decided to take the leap into this summer.

Earlier this year, in January I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I've been in pain for many years, after crippling headaches that lasted for much longer than a month I was given a battery of tests.  Good's ONLY fibromyalgia said the Neurologist.  He sent me on my way saying there was nothing more he could do for me.  Hmm, ok.  Back to the Primary doc at our lovely Army clinic.  He sent me off to a slew of specialists.  All of which seemed to not know how to help me or made things much worse.  It wasn't until about August I finally said screw it all, screw the meds that don't work I have to help ME.  No doctor seemed caring enough to want to help or believe what I was telling them.  Around this time I found a cheap and battered dresser online, bought it, and refinished/painted it.  It was for my youngest Smart boy.  It turned our great and it's Super Mario Brothers themed complete with chalk board drawer faces so that Smart boy may draw his own "levels."  It brought me great joy being able to work with my hands to make something we both loved.  While the Mario Dresser was being born I realized that I really liked what I was doing and it distracted me just enough from my pain that I felt "better" while working.

And so Too Smart for Her Own Goods was born.  I scoured our local online sites for worthy furniture items that I may take the plunge with.  I've collected a few pieces.  Some really cute ones but the first lesson I learned was a vexing one.  ALWAYS inspect the items before your load them up and pay.  Two items I bought from a person were photographed in such a way that online they looked great!  Cute vintage features and all.  Well, I didn't sift through them with a fine tooth comb before having the young man load them into my vehicle.  Get them home, unload, and see that it seems a pet dog used one of the legs as a chew toy.  Awesome!  The pair of end tables will most likely just be one.  Smart hubs is helping me with those.  They were photographed to showcase their unique cut out designs that were slats.  Guess what?  Yes, those beautifully photographed slats pretty much disintegrated upon first touch on one of the tables.  MEH!  Since then I've bought 3 more items, all in MUCH better condition.

Which brings me to my very first finished piece!  A very cute and comfy accent chair fit for any home.  She's also my first item in my Etsy shop!  Cool, right?  So send your friends, neighbors, and wealthy onlookers over!  I am in the process of finishing up another chair like this one but in a different color/fabric.  Then onto the rest of the items.  So, come by the shop often to see what I have available!
Thanks Smarties for sticking with me through the long pause.  I hope to be writing more and owning my new venture in life.  I plan to fill you in every step of the way, whether you like it or not.  Hehe.  Let me know what you think of the chair, I welcome ALL comments, questions, and even constructive criticisms.  I'm new to this so everything helps.  Thanks again Smarties!