Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Free Money!! $50!!

Hello Smarties,

Capital One 360 is offering a $50 dollar bonus to new members opening accounts.  Click the link below to help me out, then once you have your account you can have your own refer a friend link which could earn you up to $1000!  I opened a free 360 checking account with a minimal amount of money.  I've made my three purchases and on day 50, will have $50 deposited to the account.  I spent less than $10 btw, it can be 3 purchases for $1 each.  Just make sure it's three separate transactions with your new debit card.

Here's the link:  Help Too Smart and earn Free Money!

Thanks Smarties!!  Remember I do not get paid for what I write at least not yet this is a great way to say thanks!