Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shit I Hate Sunday...

I found an awesome blogger this week who incidentally happens to be an Army wife too!  She's not for the faint of heart but I find her pretty gd hilarious.  Rockin' Mama is hosting a Sunday link up entitled Shit I Hate Sundays.  So I'm giving it a whirl.

Shit I Hate - Sunday, seriously least favorite day of the week.

Shit I Hate - That Mad Men isn't on year round, I know right First World Problems.

Shit I Hate - I'm a self proclaimed lover of all things video game.  However, I'm thinking my son is developing an unhealthy kinship with Bowser, the bad guy from all Mario games.

Shit I Hate - Netflix.  I spent nearly 45 minutes last night just trying to find something that's suitable to watch.  Why in the hell do I pay for this crap anymore?

Shit I Hate -  Not being able to enjoy my morning cup of joe!

Shit I Hate - Those LAZY ASS turds at the mart who cannot put the cart away, thanks for the dings jackholes!

Shit I Hate - Living in such a small town/area that when my mother-in-law is visiting and sick there are no Urgent Care places to visit.  What a sham!

I won't go on...believe me there's nothing I like to do more than bitch, says Smart Hubs.