Thursday, August 2, 2012

Winning Gold in Pain Med Olympics

My dear Smarties, it's been awhile since I had a real post.  I do apologize but thank you for being patient with me through the dull summer months! Everything is returning to semi normal at the Smart household.

I had surgery in late June.  Since then I've been in a Vicodin infused haze.  More like syrup of the gods haze since I had the liquid version.  Might I add that it took hold much faster than the usual pill form.  Now that I have all of you addicts, former addicts, and future addicts foaming at the mouth this is the part where I tell you the script has run dry.  It's a good thing since it totally gave me writer's block and I can really see how some folks become addicted so easily.

Things that DO stick out from the last few weeks of my recovery:

Smart hubs left for more Army schooling in early July, the good news is he will be back at the end of this month and is still in country.  He hasn't been away this long in quite sometime, I'll be honest it's been sort of nice yet when I hear ANYONE complaining in the civilian world about missing their significant other after one night apart...well I'd like to slap them with a 2X4.  When I say it's sort of nice that he's gone, I mean that it's nice knowing when he'll be back and that I know he's safe/not in a warzone.

My son had his 6th birthday, yay!  6 years of him not sleeping like a normal person, playing the family role of Drama Queen/King, and being just as awesome as his mother.  It was a good day, I got sick on a piece of his ice cream cake but damn it was worth it!  If he gets anymore Batman stuff, I may accidentally lose some of it.  His room looks like a mock up of Gotham City.  You can imagine the discussion I had with him over TDKR shootings in Aurora, CO.  He was worried because he knew his Dad wanted to see the film.  In short, he's pacified and I don't believe he's scared of entering a movie theater.  Although as reassurance I told him I'd wait until TDKR came out on DVD so we wouldn't have to worry.  He's ok with with my love of Superheroes, not so much.

I started exercising again.   Yea that's right Too Smart can do it! I take an evening jaunt around our neighborhood with our dog Lucy in tow.  It gets really hot, I'm usually drenched in sweat, and Lucy usually drinks two bowls of water when we're done.  It's worth it though as I'm seeing great results thus far.  Oh yea, recovery, I'm doing ok not off all restrictions yet but a couple more weeks and I'll be whole again.

The Olympics.  Namely the opening ceremony.  I missed the Beijing ceremonies so I thought I'd watch the London ceremonies.  There were some things that really made me snicker.  The Queen dropping from a helicopter, really?  OK, she's a good sport.  The Deaf Children singing God Save the Queen, well my husband and I both heard a few off key kids but overall it was alright but did you see the close up of the Queen's face during that?  She look liked she was constipated and in dire need of a laxative or she was thinking the same thoughts I was...which weren't politically correct enough for me to write here.  Overall I've been trying to avoid Olympic spoilers but it's definitely hard to do.  Oh, and my favorite event thus far...Micheal Phelp's Mom's early reaction.  Bahaha.  GOLD right there.

I'm not really a Dragonball Z fan but this was hilarious. 

 All in all I'm back and off the sauce.  It's been a nice warm haze but it's time to get things back in order.  Besides, the Smart Boys are almost back in school!  YESSSS, I mean....awe I'm so distraught whatever shall I do?  Oh yea, more blogging time!  See you kids around.