Sunday, May 13, 2012

Momma's Day

I am a Mother and Stepmother. I have known and continue to meet some priceless women who just so happen to be mothers as well.  With our aprons off and the children of the house doing everything* for us today you should definitely have time for this read.  * By everything I mean not waking you up before dawn, tidying up the house, cooking for you, taking care of themselves, and so on.  *chuckles*
The life I’ve led has never been simple.  I’ve always had parents (shock and awe,) step parents, grand parents, step grandparents, etc.  This was and continues to be my normal way of life, as I’m sure it is for many of us.  I just want to say that without ALL of my family, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  Thank you for taking me in as your own, thank you to my parents for blessing me with this life, and Mom thanks for all that pushing you did I know how much that hurt.

The husband and I have had the pleasure of loving and caring for three special boys. On a daily basis, I am called “Mom, Mommy, Mom, April, Mom, MOM, APRIL”  about 357 times.  Do I answer every time?  Yes, most likely.  Do I want to ignore them sometimes?  Absolutely!  I’m always there to negotiate treaties between the brothers, care for their wounds, administer medications, drive them to school or practice, and read bedtime stories.  I am their Mother/Stepmother whether they like it or not.  BAHAHA, the joke is on you, kids.  All fun aside I’m blessed to have them in my life.  
My stepson is the eldest, at a ripe ol’ age of 11 and nearing teenagerdom faster than we’d like.  It really does seem like yesterday I met him for the first time and we were playing with his Buzz, Woody, and Jessie dolls.  Then came the Power Rangers, video games, and Legos.  I’ve shared my love of Star Wars with him and even at his worst he’s a spectacular son.  I have to say thank you to his Mother for having such a wonderful son and sharing him.  I know the future holds great things for him.  
Our son, age 5 going on 32, is a complex little human being.  I often wonder if the stars aligned just right to bring him into the world.  He’s a strawberry blonde and believe me the ginger in him comes out quite frequently.  He’s wise beyond his years and sometimes says things that I would never dream a 5 year old would say.  He has amazed me since birth.  I love him even when he’s acting like a fool.  I’m sure that the future holds great things for him, as well. 
Karter is our angel in heaven.  He is technically our youngest son.  He alone has taught me more lessons in life than one could imagine.  The good and the bad.  The happiness and the sorrow.  In utero we knew he had a problem that was not able to be corrected.  We had the pleasure of hearing his voice cry out, I can only imagine he was saying “PUT ME BACK IN, it’s freezing out here MOM, MOMMY, MOM...”  He passed away about 40 minutes after delivery.  He gave me a much greater strength than I ever thought I had.  He’ll always be in my heart.  I’m sure the future would have held great things for him as well. 
I don’t plan on having any more children.  These boys are enough.  I am proud to be their Mother.  I’m so glad they are a part of my life, where would I be without them?   
To all of you out there wishing your mom a Happy Mother’s Day, remember what you mean to her and what she means to you.  Women remember what your children are to you, they are your greatest and most precious gift.  If you don’t have kids, that’s fine.  Just give your Momma more hugs and thanks for what she’s been to you on this day.  
To my boys - thank you for being my son I will love you always and forever.  
To my Mother/Stepmom/Mother-in-law - Thanks for always being there for me through it all you are simply amazing.  I love you.  
To all the Moms reading this - enjoy your day!  

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