Friday, May 11, 2012

Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2012

"May 11 is Military Spouse Day. This is a time to recognize the sacrifices made by military spouses in support of their Soldiers. The public should remember that the Strength of the Nation is the Army; the Strength of the Army is the Soldier; and the Strength of the Soldier is the family."

The Friday before Mother's day is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  As an Army spouse I've encountered many amazing counterparts to our soldiers.  I've witnessed strengths and stupidities.  I'm not a model military spouse by any means but I do what I think is best and that is what works for our family.  For me, being an Army spouse hasn't been so terrible. I tend to be a realist though, I never thought it would be rainbows and unicorns either. 

My husband was deployed for his first time before we were married, this presented many challenges in and of itself.  He was a part of OIF 1.  I won't get into all of the gory details because those aren't what matter.  He served his nation and continues to do so.  I served him the best I knew how.  

I officially became a military spouse on June 7th, 2004.  Yea kids, we got married on a Monday at a courthouse.  One of the hardest parts for some women is the fact that sometimes planning the wedding of your dreams just isn't a reality with the military.  This is where me being a non girly girl became a bonus.  I didn't care that I wasn't surrounded by lavishness or a few hundred of my closest friends and family.  When your soon to be husband has X amount of days window of leave, you have to take it and do the best you can with it.  I can't say all of the important people in my life were able to attend but that's ok.  I know that they were there with us in spirit.  I am thankful that the people who were able to attend, did.  

I've always been very proud of my husband and his service to our country.  I've always loved him through the good, the bad, and the very ugly.  This isn't an easy duty, being a military spouse.  There are many hardships but we deal with them, often silently.   

I've also traveled quite a bit and lived places I know I wouldn't have chosen on my own.  My husband has a steady income which has allowed me to be a stay at home mom. We have healthcare for our entire family.  We have the luxury of not being in debt up to our eye balls.  However, I partially attribute this to the fact that we haven't bought our first home.  I know we will move again someday and that's ok with me, I do like change.  I know that at any time my husband may be called off to deploy or go out to the field for days, weeks, or months.  That's ok, we will be here for him when he gets back.  I will survive and our children will continue to thrive.  

I knowingly made the choice to be a military spouse and I'm ok with that, you should be too.  Thank you to all of my Army Spouse friends, without you I'd probably be in a padded but secure room.  Thank you to all of the military spouses today for your sacrifices, keep up the good work I know it's hard sometimes.  

President Obama's Proclamation for Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2012

On a side note, didn't hear about this on the news this morning but sure did hear about freaking Zuckerburg's hoodie and the breastfeeding toddler mom.   Really....   Good to know where our interests lie.  Thanks to all who read this entry, thanks for caring.  =) 

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