Friday, April 27, 2012

Shit Just Got Real

Firstly, I'm going to have to give a small disclaimer:  I will be using some foul language on this blog so don't panic when you read it.  =)

Who knew starting up a blog was so much work.  I've been at it the past two days.  It honestly feels like a job but I love it.  Even though you don't see words pumping out on my page that doesn't mean I'm not doing anything.  Sitting around eating bon bons does sound a bit more enticing than endless searching on how to not be a blog n00b.  Essentially, what I've been laboring over the past few hours can be summed up as attempts at spamming the internet with this blog.

When I searched for my blog on google last night, I felt rather ostracized when the first mention of this endeavor was on search page SEVEN.  It wasn't actually a link to the blog, it was a link to the Facebook page.   I continued through those search pages up to 12 and still not a mention.  No problem I'll just go to the direct blog address, that should work right?!  No.  DEFEAT!  FAILURE! SITTING ALONE AT LUNCH! GOING TO THE MOVIES ALONE!  Ok, maybe not that dramatic.  After pulling myself together I made some small attempts at getting the ol' blog out there.

After all this work, the phrase "Shit just got real" came to mind.  I imagined myself creating a rage comic but I lack the actual imagination to do so.  So now, I'm shamelessly posting one I found on reddit.  It made me giggle and reminds me of our school night battles at the homestead.  Enjoy.