Thursday, April 26, 2012

That's Awesome

Day 4 of spring break for the boys and it's like I'm on vacation too.  I could do without the constant bickering and "accidentally did somethings," but there's nothing like the sound of their small, delicate BUFFALO feet stomping through the house to remind me of my love for them.  After all, thanks to their spring break I get one less duty this week and this enables me to sleep in. 

Speaking of sleeping in...

I'm sure that I'll never truly sleep in until the boys are grown up and moved out of the house and the day my husband is retired.  After the fourth sleep interruption of the morning I had finally fallen back into my slumber when my phone DINGED for a new text message.  I rush from my dream to see what the importance was, and it was my husband. 

"I got to throw two live grenade rounds today!" 

It took me a few seconds to digest what he was talking about.  I love my husband and I love when he loves what he does.  When he came home at lunch, he burst through the door with such a happy face and told our youngest son what he had done at work.  Kal was amazed by his Father's accomplishment. 

While readying his lunch he tells me an after thought about his day.  He goes on to say that he nearly got hit while on the live grenade range when a student threw very short of 25m. His fear was not the explosion, but the 2lb. shell hitting him...Oh I love him. I'll admit to you now that he has an obscene fear of birds and other small things in flight. 

He's napping now, my son is bugging me to help him on a 3DS Mario game (which he informed me that I'm sooooo good at.)  This means I must leave you to your own vices.  Until the next...