Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

"Mom, what's your favorite day of the week?" 

"Saturday, because I can sleep in."  Here "sleep in" is a term used loosely. 

"Then what day don't you like?"

"Sunday, because they are boring." 

When I was young I absolutely dreaded going to church.  Sunday meant I had to get up early AND dress up.  My how I hate dressing up but that's a discussion best left for another day.  Currently, my dread of Sunday is because I usually have a shit ton of laundry to do, possibly grocery shopping, getting the boys back into routine for Monday morning wake up, dinner, and so on. Basically, a rev of the next week's engine. 

Today, though, is a different Sunday.

I have realized that today isn't all that bad. I mean, I didn't have to get up before dawn to get the boys ready and take them to school.  Sure the boys came into our room about a dozen times "stealthy" to spy on us sleeping (that's the best reasoning I can come up with.)  We did get to sleep in though which is a good thing.  

After that first cup of coffee, my morning research, and putting the first load of laundry in I was able to log onto the ever popular Facebook.  I did the normal checking and mailing and so on.  That little green circle was next to my Brother's name, hmmm should I or shouldn't I call him out on his drunken text last night?  Sure why not...  He'd informed me last night that he'd drank a "Chuck Norris"  which is made up of two delightful ingredients.  Tabasco sauce and 151.  I gave him the best of luck with his incoming heartburn.  This morning when I seen that little green circle, I decided to makes sure he wasn't having a major attack of the GERD.  He was living, was ok, and was spending quality time with Chuck.  However, when asked if he had fiery hot lava pouring out his ass, he confirmed this was pretty much the case.  After wrapping up that convo I realized that we do have the most intellectually stimulating exchanges. With a laugh, how could that not be a good part of a Sunday? 

As if that wasn't enough cheer in my day thus far, I exchanged a few hilarious comments with an old friend.  This can be summed up as us forcing our children to watch Wayne's World as a life requirement and entry to the next phase of their lives. 

See, Facebook isn't all that evil.

Another amazing plus in my day will be the television shows I get to watch.  Two of my most favorite hours of the day are devoted to Game of Thrones and Mad Men.  Two shows I'd give my left knee cap to be a part of. What's that Don Draper, why yes I'd love love love to be your new secretary.  *wink wink*  Oh hey, Cersei, eat this huge sword.  Ok so maybe I get a little too excited, forgive me if I live vicariously through made up television characters.  Still, a plus to my Sunday.

With these amazing pluses how could my Sunday ever be boring and monotonous again?  I have two wonderful boys, an amazing husband, a ton of laundry, Facebook, and TV to keep me busy.  Oh Sunday, will you ever forgive me? 

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