Monday, September 14, 2015

The Precious

Meanwhile in Kansas...

It was this past Christmas and Smart Husband really, really wanted to buy me a new, shinier, bigger rocked, wedding set.  I had been hearing before this though that this is what I deserved.  I just am a Momma and Wife, always putting the Hubs and Sons ahead of myself.  Days, weeks, months crept by with a wisp of winter and hope of spring.  Then I relented.

OG engagement ring in box.
Backstory, it was hot summer back in whatever year it was we first crept onto the scene as a pair.  He was leaving for Iraq, I was not.  We were dirt poor, love rich.  We both had emerald Ford Escorts with the combined mileage of roughly one million miles.  Basically the engagement ring was worth a whopping 25 to 30 cents total, love rich.  I think that it was entirely assembled from found bits on the ground and a grocery store vending machine.  It's priceless now.  It's traveled a few of those million miles and still resides with us at our home.

The wedding ring, circa 2004,  my husband let me pick out was so beautiful to me.  White gold and princess cuts.   Later that year he picked the wedding band to go with.  Perfectly mismatched.  I loved it but he always wanted a bigger stone for me.  Fast forward to him seeing a few PFC's wives with mortgages on their finger and still telling me that I deserved a bigger ring.

The ring my husband initially showed me was at a big box type jewelry store at a hefty price of $7000.  SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Ah, no Momma's got groceries to buy, a house to keep up, two boys who eat and grow and need things like you know dental visits... the ring idea was just too self centered for me.  However, we discussed the possibility of a custom ring and it being a possibility IF a good price was attainable.

Being from a former small business owner's family, have friends with their own business, and my small time small dollar producing furniture restoration business I know the value of the dollar.  I wanted to use a small business, local if possible.  I knew I didn't want the status quo or a safe, normal ring created.  A google search and a few positive reviews later I arrived at Vernon's Custom Jewelry, LLC in Junction City, Kansas.

First sketch.
From moment one I was treated with respect and was given a variety of options.  Of course, me and my complicated self couldn't find anything in their store to buy.  When I mentioned the possibility of a custom piece the Store Owner Chris, sat down with me and discussed options.  He drew a sketch of something he thought I may like based upon what I'd told him I thought I wanted.  I was there maybe and hour and left with a sketch to take home to Smart Husband.

Smart Husband and I mulled over the options.  Thought a bit and he countered with a drawing of his own. Masterfully creating a ring of the stones we had bought, been gifted, and inherited.  Stones hundreds of thousands of years old and from half way across the globe. Love rich.  This was what we took back to the Jeweler.
Blueprint by Smart Husband!

From the Smart Husband sketch the Jeweler sent measurements of all of the stones, this approximate sketch, and all other technical specs off to a CAD company.  This took a large chunk of time but it was worth it when we saw the CAD model.  Super unique, again love rich.  We gave the "ok" to go ahead with casting the ring!

CAD work of up the Precious.

Once the ring was cast the rest was history.  Ok, not exactly that quick.  Chris, the Jeweler, had never seen a "princess cut halo" let alone ever assembled one.  Have we seen this type of halo since?  Nope, but we're willing to start the trend!  After hard work and dedication the Jeweler worked his magic and master his craft.  The precious was done.
Sides are set.  So close!
Love rich, Smart Husband and I ran uptown to see the amalgamation of not only metal and precious stones but love and time.  Stones from Grandparents, Parents, In-laws, my Husband.  Love rich, the Precious was done and it is BEAUTIFUL!  We cannot say thank you and give high enough praise to the Jeweler.
Too Smart has her ring!
If you happen to be love rich, time rich, thought rich, and would like to dream up your own custom piece, do so.  The sky is the limit especially with the best Jeweler in the land!  Fly in, road trip, send your items, whatever the case please consider Vernon's Custom Jewelry, LLC in Junction City Kansas to make your vision a reality.  If it's not custom then they have lots of awesome items that may be what you need.

Vernon's Custom Jewelry, LLC
716 N. Washington St.
Junction City, KS  66441
(785) 223-5999

Vernon's Custom Jewelry Website
Vernon's Custom Jewelry Facebook Page
Close up of the Precious. Thank you!
--Thank you to my Husband, my Parents, Grandparents, In Laws, and to the Jeweler.  With out you, your love, your contributions this would still be a dream.