Thursday, May 3, 2012

...and I'm a Gamer.

Hello, I have a confession to make. I am a Gamer Girl.

I've been playing video games for what seems like my entire life. My first "console" was a ColecoVision that came with one game what I think was a Donkey Kong game. Not going to lie, I used the controllers as telephones and sometimes tried to call E.T. Yes, I was that young. I'm sure Atari was before that but I don't remember playing it.

A few years later came my love for Nintendo. Man it was awesome. 8bits of pure, sweet gaming fun. Awee yea Zelda and Mario. My Aunt even had the accessory called the "power pad" which allowed Track and Field to be much more fun. Then came Super Nintendo, Gameboys, Nintendo 64, Playstation1-3, the Wii, and yes a PC for all of my/our gaming needs. However we are NOT owners of the XBox or 360. I know amazing right? One less controller to hang out of my mouth for photo ops.

I don't chew on plastic controllers or their cords like some pictures of gamer girls portray. I usually am fully clothed while gaming. My husband is usually the best competition I have on console games, thus making me even better. My hair is all one color at least until I experiment with chalking. I do exist. I am better than some boys/men/other females. I will kick your ass in a game, at least once. I do not walk around sporting knee high tube socks, short shorts, with a gaming T on. I am not an attention whore, ok maybe all women are just that. That's your call. Again, I DO exist. I play games that interest me. I've logged countless hours on many many games. I tend to prefer hideous old lady names as my game name to ward off weirdos of the web. I've 'met' a great deal of people through gaming. I'm very thankful for that, they are some of the best competition out there. A complaint I hear a lot of times is "my husband plays blah blah more than he pays attention to me." Crisis averted ladies, play WITH him! He'll love you long time. ;)

My children love video games and I can't say that I hate that. I believe it's made my youngest son a slightly better reader. Who doesn't need a little hand eye coordination? I began playing my first MMORPG a few months after my son was born. This was AFTER he stopped staying up for what seemed to be 24 hours a day. Now that I think about it, he's been watching me play said game 99 percent of his life. That just makes me feel like Uber Nerd Mom. Don't judge my parenting on the basis that I game. My children come first before raid time. Whether its dinner, an injury, or a bedtime story it's them over gaming. With this in mind, they don't get to play video games 24/7. They know that all of their daily routine must be complete before setting down for a gaming session. Does this make me a bad parent? I don't think so. Then again there are those gamers in Asia who's kids actually die or are very neglected but that's just bad parenting.

So, if you're out there being a closet Gamer Girl you are NOT alone. I too am a female who games. Boys I welcome your competition and no I will NOT make you a sandwich. I will not send you nudes or get off the game to go mop the kitchen.

As for actual research that didn't include me playing a game...

Back in 2010 Lifetime Network conducted a survey and did a show about myths of women gamers versus men gamers.
Women play more frequently per day than men. (2.0 v. 1.7)
76% of women play electronic games.
Women play more than Men, online (55% v 45%)
Men play more console games than women.
Major influence for Women and buying a game is a recommendation from friends/family/others.
79% Like playing games to compete against others.

Of course this does include iPhone and Android aps, Facebook games, etc.


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