Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have no true liquid assets unless you count the profuse amount of urine coming from me today.  I'm having surgery on Tuesday.  The surgeon has put me on a clear liquid, sugar free diet.  When's the last time you tried this?  If this is a feat you have accomplished and lived through, feel free to hand out pointers in the comments section.

I feel like Vanessa Paradis right now, food was my Johnny.  It's a break up I've known has had to come for quite sometime.  Nothing brings it home quite like a tall glass of water over and over and over again.  I love water but holy hell am I starving at this very moment.  I feel like I want to eat a rare steak and that's something I'd normally NEVER do.

Details? Not many, but I'll share what I can have for the next few days.  Water, crystal light, low sodium broth, decaff coffee or decaff tea, and sugar free popsicles.  Decaff coffee or tea, really?  That's taking all of the fun out of the world.  It was quite difficult for me to get out of bed knowing I couldn't have a crisp cup of REAL coffee.  Oh the humanity!

Not even going to go onto the part where I really want a cracker right now, sure go ahead and call me Polly.  See what happens when I find you!  My husband has felt my wrath today all over the heat and a plunger.  Don't ask about the plunger.   I'm in a frenzied state of panic.  WHERE'S THE BEEF?  It's not that bad...

Or is it?

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